my least favorite thing

[ waiting for dinner at the Anchorage 1770 Inn while in Beaufort, SC ]

Waiting. With all my heart and soul I hate waiting. Waiting to be seated for dinner when you’re starving? Not good. Standing in line at the grocery store? Awful. Waiting at the pediatrican’s office with a squirmy baby? Zero fun. Some days I daydream about how beautiful it would be if we could treat parts of life like the fastforward button I love so much on the remote. I know I’m not alone in this love for skipping commericals or pushing through the slow part of a movie simply by pressing a tiny button.

Waiting to hear back about your dream job? FF

Waiting to find the perfect guy? FF

Waiting to have a baby? FF

Waiting for your favorite show to come to Netflix? FF

For me in this season I’m waiting for the perfect family to come along and make a good decent offer so we can accept and ultimately SELL OUR HOUSE. Since we aren’t bajillionaires we need to sell our house before we can make an offer on a new house, so without sounding too dramatic our family’s hopes and dreams currently depend on our house selling.

Why can’t I just press FF to when our house has sold, a new house has been purchased, all the things are in order and I’m baking in my new, airy kitchen with a farm sink?

While it would be so nice to quit the waiting game, I am well aware that’s not how this works because well, I’m not in charge. I’ve got a whole lot of plans with my own timeline in mind and I have to wonder if God laughs when he sees my internal lists of life goals complete with a strict timeline. What I do know is that he hears my “Will I be 45 years old before our house sells, Lord?” and my “Will Annie ever say Mama?”

Waiting is far from my favorite but when I open my Bible it doesn’t take long for me to remember all the stories of those who waited on the Lord:

Noah waited 150 days for the floodwaters to recede (on a stinky boat with all the animals and his entire family!)

Sarah waited 75-ish years to become a mom (90 years old when she gave birth!)

Jacob waited way longer than any man would ever wait for Rachel to be his wife

The Israelities waited 40 years to enter the Promised Land

Jesus waited 30 years to start his ministry

What do all those instances have in common? The period of waiting created a change. A transformation. Often in the circumstance and always in the person’s heart, soul and outlook. Like those real life people we read about now hundreds of years later in our pretty, leather bound Bibles, we must not only believe in God’s power but trust his timing.

I hope to one day get to the point where I trust His timing without question or tears. Trust me, I’m not there yet and that’s OKAY. The good news is that God walks with us every step of the wait and is constantly working everything together for good. All we have to do is wait.

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