Reading List: Lizzy the Lioness

I have been a Lisa Bevere fan ever since I read Lioness Arising and was honored to work with her to promote her first children’s book, Lizzy the Lioness. Her first picture book tells the story of an adventurous lion cub who is tired of being little. She longs to be big and brave like her big brothers and sisters. When Lizzy wanders away from the pride, she finds herself facing danger that she’s not big enough to overcome and chooses to ask for help, ultimately saving the day.

As a mama of a baby girl, this sweet story about a little lioness speaks to me in big way. We live in a scary world full of darkness that is tough for us mamas to navigate, our children included. Lisa wrote this book inspired by her granddaughter, Lizzy, stating that strength and bravery are particularly important concepts she wants to share with her in this world that demands bravery. I know I so relate to that and maybe you do, too.

I look forward to reading this to Annie as she grows, using it as a tool to teach her that:

her voice matters.

being little is never a weakness.

sometimes asking for help is the bravest thing to do.

Brave mamas raise brave children and with the Lord on our side – and this book in our homes – we are armed and ready.

For more about Lizzy (including a video of Lisa with her Lizzy) go here.

For more about Lioness Arising go here.

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