Friday Favorites

[ in love with all the fall colors ]

This week has been a fun one, complete with more Halloween festivities including passing out candy to eager trick-or-treaters with our own SuperGirl. I lost my passing-out-candy privileges after a girl and her younger brother came to the door:

Girl: Trick or treat! This is my little brother.

Me to the little boy: I love your Batman costume!

Boy: Thanks! Trick or treat.

Me: Where’s your basket to put your candy?

*Boy points to a man and woman behind him, smiling; man is holding the candy, smiling.

Me: Dad for the win carrying around your candy!

Boy: Um that’s not my dad – he’s my mom’s friend.

*Awkward laughter from everyone with an awkward wave from his mom’s friend. OOPS.

Last night we had a much-needed date night, complete with a Target run (shock) and finishing Stranger Things 2. Have you watched it yet? SO GOOD. This weekend I’m traveling to a ladies retreat Mom is speaking at and looking forward to getting back in time on Saturday to do more packing. Also, anyone else praying the time change doesn’t upset your babe’s sleep and that you get your extra hour? Solidarity. Have a beautiful weekend!

[ a dreamy day with these sweethearts]

[ God’s gorgeousness at Cheekwood ]

[ my little lamb ]

[ the prettiest tree on the street ]

[ my favorites ]

[ partners in crime ]

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