5 ways to beat the mid-day slump

Having a baby forced me to become a morning person and most days I wake up early with ease. I go about the first half of my day, fully charged and productive until around 3pm when my eyes get a little droopy and I’m struggling to focus on anything. The mid-day slump is REAL and I must admit some days it gets the best of me, resulting in lower productivity and a flat-out jealousy for those who work in a country where everyone partakes in an afternoon siesta. #GOALS Working from home, it’s oh so tempting to take a cat nap at my desk or make another pot of coffee but recently I’ve been trying some better strategies:

Hydrate. Research has found that even mild dehydration can lead to drowsiness so now I drink a big ole’ glass of H2O when I start to feel sleepy, or more often that not, a LaCroiux.

Take a walk. Stepping away from my desk – phone and computer screen included – is essential to my mental and physical well-being so in the afternoon I like to take a quick lap to regroup. Anytime  feel a scream coming on from one too many annoying emails, I excuse myself and step outside.

Grab some dark chocolate. It’s delicious and makes me happy. Studies show that eating chocolate leads to a decrease in levels of cortisol, a hormone produced by stress, as well as encouraging the brain to focus. It’s a win-win.

Switch tasks. When I find myself staring at the screen unable to focus on the task at hand, I table that and move on to something else.

Get chatty. I take a few minutes to text with my colleagues or to call my husband/friend/mom and talk for a few minutes. I find this social break wakes my extrovert brain up and boosts my energy.

How do you beat the mid-day slump?

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