have a holly jolly holiday thanks to these travel tips

With the holidays quickly approaching odds are you’ll be traveling to be with loved ones, via plane, train or automobile. Over the river and through the woods, there’s nothing sweeter than spending quality time with family and friends but first you have to get there in one piece.

We’ll be staying put for Thanksgiving but will be spending Christmas in Houston. It will be Annie’s first flying adventure, which I’m a little anxious about. She’s so curious about everything so I know she’ll be fascinated by all the people but I’m trying not to think about traipsing through airports during the busiest travel season of the year and keeping her entertained for the two hour flight. I should go ahead and buy stock in puffs.

Anywho, however you’re traveling this holiday season I think we can all admit it’s easy to let the stress of all the logistics and “what ifs” take over our brain space. To keep the stress to a minimum and carols playing in our heads, I’ve compiled a few articles to help us prepare and feel more comfortable tackling travel during the holidays.

  1. The best way to pack a suit case, from Real Simple
  2. Everything  you ever wanted to know about flying a plane, from my favorite, Cupcakes and Cashmere
  3. 11 things you should never do on a plane, from the New York Post
  4. Travel like a pro during the holidays, via Darling Magazine
  5. Stay sane while traveling this holiday season, from Southern Living

Happy Thanksgiving week and safe travels!

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