thankful for all the things that never happened

I remember driving home from college many weekends and fervently praying to God some version of “Please let him ask me out.” So many of my girlfriends were getting to be pairing up and in love and I wanted to be, too. Never mind the fact that there were few guys around me during those years I should have even considered dating, but oh my, did I pray for it. I thought, “If God would only answer my prayer everything would fall into place.”

I have thanked God so many times that He did not give me what I asked for then.

God’s answer was to wait.

His plan was for me to grow up.

As it turns out, His plan was a little more involved and much more of a rollercoaster.

His plan to later send me a charming, tattooed preacher man was an answer far better than anything I had previously asked for and better than I could have ever imagined.

Three years later and a whole lot of life lived later, I sit drinking coffee beside my dream husband while we watch our joyful baby girl dance around the living room to the Cheerio’s commercial. Her giggle is infectious and I watch how my husband smiles at her and I melt because they have the same eyes.

Thank you, God, thank you, for not answering so many of my “please make this happen” prayers.

Things that I thought I needed, that looking back now I know would have completely wrecked me.

I preach and practice gratitude, typically focusing on all the beautiful ways God has blessed me but today, I’m thanking God for all the things that didn’t happen.

The guy who wouldn’t commit.

The job offer I didn’t accept.

An accident He prevented.

A door that cracked but then closed.

The illness that didn’t get worse.

The trip that never happened.

God loves me so perfectly that He hasn’t given me all that I have asked for – and for that, I am  thankful.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, everyone!

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