Motherhood Update: Annie at 15 months

There was a definite shift with Annie when she turned one in which my baby turned into a little toddler. Of course she still talks gibberish and teeter totters all around but she is learning so much so fast I can barely keep up – here’s a look at what she’s up to these days.

Motherhood Update: Annie at 15 months

Sweetest new thing she does: Annie loves all things Christmas, and anywhere we go where there are lots of Christmas trees and lights she points and yells “OoOOHHH” and “AAAhhhhhH.” It’s the best thing ever. When she sees Santa anything she immediately says “Ho Ho Ho” causing anyone within earshot to melt.

Most frustrating new thing she does: For whatever reason she has decided it’s fun from time to time to stick her hand down her throat, causing her to throw up. This frustrates us all to no end and she always gets so upset with herself when she does it.

New words in her growing vocabulary: Nana, Nady, Jago, cookie, No, Buddy, Ho Ho Ho (for Santa or anything Christmas-related), and her favorite word, GO!

What she finally has: Two front bottom teeth.

Latest biggest milestone: Since she mastered walking and is basically running now, she has moved on to attempting to climb on everything. We have to follow her very closely everywhere as to not have a mini-heart attack when she tries to climb onto the fireplace.

Her favorite food: Vanilla yogurt.

Morning person or night owl? Morning person.

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert, definitely.

Most surprising thing about this age: She watches and notices EVERYTHING. She loves to grab a pen or crayon and pretend to write in my notebook since she’s seen me do that often. She also has started taking a napkin and “cleaning” the table once she’s done eating – yes, I clean a lot – which usually results in everything that was left on her plate in the floor.

Favorite part of this age: Annie is getting more vocal and such a good little communicator. She is talking constantly and will seek out the people around her wherever we are and smile at them until they smile back. It’s amazing to watch her bring out the biggest smiles from total strangers and we’ve struck up so many great conversations thanks to our little socialite.

4 thoughts on “Motherhood Update: Annie at 15 months

  1. She has turned into an absolute doll and sounds like she is the boss I love your blogs definitely ur God given talent .Hope y’all have a most blessed Christmas season! love y’all

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