7 date ideas for the holiday season

The holidays are a fun but a B U S Y season so Taylor and I have tried to be more intentional this year in spending quality time together. We love picking out little things here and there for each other to unwrap on Christmas morning but we’ve found that what we enjoy most is sharing experiences together. Here are a few festive date nights that won’t break the bank to enjoy with your main squeeze this holiday season.

Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie and play Hallmark Bingo – Taylor and I watched Christmas With Holly to play  and seriously had so much fun. Depending on which movie you choose, you may win before the movie is even halfway through. Throw in some hot cocoa and a comfy blanket and you’ve got the coziest of at-home dates.

Picnic beside the Christmas tree – Whip something up or get take out from your favorite spot and dine beside the twinkling lights. I suggest adding your favorite holiday playlist or classic Christmas movie into the mix.

Have a cookie bake-off – Battle it out with your better half with a homemade cookie competition. Eat some after and take the rest to a friend.

Visit a toy store – Preferably without kids, go and check out the latest and greatest while reminiscing of your younger days. This is one of Taylor’s favorites and we always end up staying longer than planned.

Go see a movie you’ve been wanting to see – We rarely make it to the movies anymore, so I love the classic movie date night complete with a large popcorn and Coke that is terrible for you but oh so essential to the experience.

Go ice skating – I have zero talent in the ice skating department but I love to channel my inner Tara Lipinski and pretend like I do. There’s something romantic about the whole affair even if you do wipe out a few times.

Make some fireplace s’mores – Who can resist the temptation of half-scorched marshmallows atop chocolate? Take advantage of the chilly temps and get the fireplace (or outdoor grill) going. Just make sure you have a high quality fire extinguisher at hand in the off chance that things go awry. I’d pair this with a classic Christmas movie like White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street or my absolute favorite, It’s A Wonderful Life.

What are your favorite dates to go on during the holiday season?

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