10 unspoken vows of our marriage

Every marriage begins with vows, typically spoken in front of family and friends. For us, those included the usual suspects that we gladly recited in a candlelit church filled with Douglas Firs and many people we love dearly. We promised to have and to hold, keep God at the center, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, to cherish, etc etc etc. It was all there; a perfect start to our marriage.

Now, three years in I’ve realized that sure, abiding by those vows is paramount, but a great marriage is also built on certain unspoken vows. We didn’t say those in the church that night but you better believe they were there and they’re still with us today. Silent, but oh so important. They are a result of much trial and error and yes, a few fights heated discussions.

Here’s what we promise to one another, till’ death do us part:

  1. To never be clean shaven (Taylor) or don a pixie cut (me)
  2. To not watch ahead on Netflix unless okay-ed by the other
  3. To always give each other the benefit of the doubt
  4. To put our phones away when we’re together
  5. To support each other’s SEC team is if it were our own (unless they’re playing each other, and then FREE FOR ALL)
  6. To remember we’re on the same team (whether we’re having an actual argument or playing putt-putt)
  7. To clear all purchases over $50 with the other before buying (unless it’s for a birthday/anniversary/Christmas – thank you, pre-marital counseling)
  8. To never go to bed angry (even if that means staying up half the night)
  9. To pray for each other daily
  10. To always be willing to share a bite or two of our own dinner/dessert (unless pregnant, of course)

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