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Ah, the famous New Year’s resolutions. Being the list-maker that I am I used to sit down every January 1st and write out all the changes I’d like to make. I’d vow to work out every day, eat healthier and limit my chocolate intake – then ditch one or GASP, all of them by Valentine’s Day, which would inevitably make me get down on myself. Not a very good start to the year.

Maybe it was becoming a mother or turning 30, but last year I decided that instead of writing down all the things I’d like to change about myself, I chose to set realistic, achievable goals to make me better. Stronger. Happier. More Present. Some goals I met and some I plan to continue working on this year. What I learned is that setting goals for myself is both inspiring and motivating, keeping me on track in a positive way.

I won’t bore you with the entire list, but here are a few goals I have set for myself in 2018: 

More Jesus

My relationship with Jesus is my #1 priority and if that’s in check, everything else will be, too. I want to set aside time each day to be in the Word, studying with intention and growing in wisdom. I hope to pray more, worry less and truly rely on God’s plan.

Prioritize time with my family over everything else 

There are so many things and people vying for my time but the past year has taught me my most important role is wife, mother and daughter – in that order. I look forward to the weekly date nights with my husband and more slow, snuggly mornings with Annie.

Get strong

Gone are the days of planning a crash diet to “get skinny” – I want to get strong. In body and in mind. This means staying active, whether that looks like a class at the gym, a yoga video on YouTube or a walk with Annie around the block. This also means filling my brain only the good stuff, purging what is bad, and showing myself grace.

Try new things 

I’ve never been a fan of change but am slowly learning that if something makes me nervous, I probably need to give it a go. Whether this looks like taking a trip or a new workout class, I vow to get outside my comfort zone and be more adventurous. This year I won’t let the fear of what could happen (or won’t happen) stop me from taking chances.

Write more

Writing is my therapy, so I plan to set aside plenty of time for writing – in my journal, for various .coms and on my blog. This also includes more cards and letters to friends and family because who doesn’t love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill?

Be more socially aware to help affect change 

It’s so easy for me to stay in my own little comfy bubble and forget there are so many suffering all around the globe. This year I want to support causes to help affect change on both a local and global level. I’m thrilled to be hosting a Trades of Hope party later this month and could not be more excited to play a small part in helping women get out of poverty.

Are you a fan of resolutions or do you prefer to set goals? I’d love to hear! Thank you so much for reading, sharing and being a part of my little blog world. Y’all are the best of the best! xo

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