fun gifts for new mamas

Those first few weeks of motherhood are no joke. Between the constant feedings, blow-outs and hurried mini-showers there’s not much time to sleep, let alone think or prepare a decent meal. In those hazy early days, it’s the acts of kindness from friends and family that keep you going – and fed. I asked several of my fellow mamas out there to share some special ways they were loved on as a new parent. Maybe these will give us some fresh ideas for how to love on the new moms in our life.

Fun entertainment. Several shared the best gift they received from friends were Netflix recommendations and silly movies to watch during all the feedings in the early days. Being homebound can be isolating, but having a show or movie to make you laugh (and maybe cry, yes?) give you a bit of “culture” during the long days (and nights). If your friend is a reader, maybe bring over your favorite book or devotional she can read in quick snippets throughout the day.

Take-out from a favorite restaurant. After I had Annie, we were so fortunate to have different families bring us dinner each night for three weeks – hello, casseroles and pies (!!!). While that was nice, I found myself craving certain dishes and desserts from some of my favorite resturaunts but of course, not enough to leave the house just yet. Enter in two dear friends – one brought us our favorite pasta dishes from a nearby restaurant (plus all the bread) and one brought us our favorite Nothing Bundt Cake (I may or may not have only given Taylor one slice). Talk about feeling special and loved!

Something indulgent. Whether it’s a pedicure, massage or a box of fancy chocolates, any woman who recently had a baby will appreciate being pampered. My friend Ashley who recently gave birth to her second son said a friend made her whole week by bringing over flowers and a box of dark chocolate sea salt caramels. A friend took me to get a pedicure not long after Annie arrived and after an hour of someone rubbing my feet, I arrived home rejuvenated and ready for anything the day threw at me.

Time. Universally every woman I talked to mentioned someone who came over and either spent time with them or gave them time to do something. My friend Paige said after her baby girl was born, the best was when someone came over just to talk, laugh and pray with her. Another friend told me how her friend came over and did the laundry and held her newborn while she took a long shower.

A heartfelt note. This is my favorite one because I think it’s safe to say not every day is sunshine and rainbows and it’s nice to have a kind note to read when you’re doubting yourself. Send a note to encourage that new mama and remind her she’s doing a great job. Share your favorite scriptures and let her know you’re praying for her – and her family – in this season.

What would you add? Congrats to the new parents out there, and love and prayers for the couples who are trying. We’re all in this together!

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