Seeing Blue

There are few times in life when you are really surprised, and for me, one of those is discovering you’re pregnant, soon followed by learning the baby’s gender. With Annie I took four different pregnancy tests before accepting the fact as truth and then when the tech told us we were having a GIRL, well, my heart could have burst from pure excitement and adrenaline. When I saw two pink lines a second time a year and a half later, I had all the feels. Annie would be a big sister and God was adding another previous baby to our family.

Fast forward a few months and through all the super fun 24/7 nausea and food aversions and we held the proof in a sealed envelope. Boy or girl? We chose to let the queen party planner aka my mom throw a little party for family to come eat good food, see the house and be shocked along with us when the time came. Basically, I wanted a reason to throw a little party for our people and it was the best day.

Oh, and we’re having a BOY, due December 29th. !!! God is so good.

A clip from the big reveal below and yes, I missed my ball completely on the first try, much to my husband’s amusement.

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