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It seems like yesterday I was feverishly reading A Tale of Two Cities in the backseat while Dad drove us all home from a last minute beach trip before school started the following week. I was notorious for waiting until the last minute to tackle my summer reading list, much to my mother’s daily protests. There was just something about being made to read that made my book-loving self not so excited to crack open the books. I had too much to do as a high schooler on summer break like sleeping in and eating out and watching all that very important TV with my girlfriends! I couldn’t be bothered with Dickens!

Fast forward a few, okay several years, and my 31 year old self has spent the entire summer reading books of my own choosing – at the pool, before bed, while Taylor studies for grad school or while Annie runs around in the backyard. It’s been so refreshing and relaxing! This summer has reminded me how much I love a good book so I want to share a few that I loved:

Next Year in Havana

I knew absolutely nothing about Cuba until I picked up this book but assumed if it’s good enough for Reese’s book club, it’s good enough for me! This story of a granddaughter tracing her grandmother’s roots in her old home of Havana, Cuba after she passes away is so beautifully written with incredible depth and passion I felt I was BFF with the characters. This one will make you feel like you’re vacationing in Cuba and educate you a little bit.

Fierce Faith 

Written by the lovely Ali Worthington, this book reads like you’re talking to your best girlfriend about ways to combat fear and worry in this crazy world we live in. Who doesn’t need some of that? There’s plenty of Jesus and lots of personal stories from Ali’s life that any woman can relate to.

First Comes Love: A Novel

I’ve always been a fan of Emily Giffin but somehow missed reading this book until last month. It follows two sisters who were driven apart by a family tragedy – and their opposite personalities – and their path to discover that they need each other more than they knew—and that in the search for happiness, love comes first. Not my favorite of her’s but still excellent.

The Girl in Cabin 10

Okay, this book legit scared me on several occasions so beware, it’s a suspenseful thriller from start to finish. I don’t want to tell you much but the story follows a journalist as she embarks on a luxury cruise ship for a work assignment, only for the trip to soon turn into a nightmare. This is smartly written and I guarantee you will not see the twist(s) coming. Tip: do not read before bed.

Have you read anything this summer that you loved? I’d love to hear and add to my to-read list for fall!

One thought on “summer reading list

  1. Gotta check out The President is Missing….not usually my type of book but it is amazing

    Oh and anything by Ruth Ware

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