Pregnancy Update: 20 weeks

This second pregnancy has straight-up FLOWN by and somehow we’re already to the half-way mark. Even that first trimester before we shared the news where I was nauseous and unable to eat anything other than a few carbs seems like a distant memory as these days I’m back to eating all the things. As you can imagine, Annie keeps me busy, leaving me little time to fret or worry about this pregnancy which is a real blessing. It’s also the reason why I’ve taken approximately one bump picture and haven’t bought one single item for the nursery. Our party announcing baby boy made it all feel real, and then seeing him kicking and waving at our 20 week ultrasound last week filled me with a new level of JOY. He’s measuring right on time and I’m feeling great. God is so good.

Baby’s size: 11 oz. (also: a banana or paper airplane)

I’m feeling: I’m feeling good and so thankful to be past the first trimester hump. My energy comes and goes and typically I’m beat by 9:00pm thanks to working full time and chasing a very active toddler around all night. I’m also a little in shock that I’m already halfway through this pregnancy – how did that happen?

Food cravings: French fries and popcorn

Smell that gets me every time: Buddy’s dog food (eek)

Currently wearing: Sundresses with a lot of stretch and any shorts/top combo that still fits + some maternity pieces

Pros of August: Feeling the first sweet kicks and punches at 17 weeks and AIR CONDITIONING

Cons of August: The heat and humidity is killing me and limiting my walks with Annie that I love so much

Looking forward to: Date night this weekend, feeling more sweet baby punches and celebrating mine and Annie’s birthdays next month

Biggest difference from first pregnancy: The first time around I wanted to be so “prepared” – I read all the books and asked all the questions. I wrote all the details in a journal and had plenty of time to think – and nap. This time around I’m doing good if I remember to wash my hair let alone think much about the “what-ifs” which is honestly, a blessing. I have felt much more relaxed with the whole pregnancy deal but also more physically exhausted because, boy and Annie.

Favorite scripture at the moment: Wait for the Lordbe strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 27:14

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