things you should never say to a woman pregnant with baby #2 (or 3, or 4)

When I was pregnant with Annie two years ago – where does the time go?! – I was overwhelmed with kind wishes and positive remarks during my pregnancy. From friends to friendly people in line at Kroger, I was blessed to be surrounded with encouraging and supportive folks…most of the time. You see, maybe 1% of the time I was faced with some unflattering and often times invasive comments/observations which left me feeling all the feels and none of them glowing.

Now as I’m over halfway into my second pregnancy with our baby boy I’ve noticed the same trend of unwarranted awkward comments, and heard from my friends they experienced the same in their subsequent pregnancies.

As I’ve said before, I’m sure the comments are not meant to be insensitive and are likely just said in the name of trying to make conversation BUT they can easily come across the wrong way to a woman who is busy trying to grow a human while chasing after her almost two year old.

Here are some comments said to pregnant women (myself and friends included) while they’re pregnant with their 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby that should never, ever be said:

You popped out way earlier with this one than the last.

Wow! You got a lot bigger a lot faster with your second!

(At her 30 week appt.) Honey, I hope they induce you today. You both look ready.

Can you imagine how many diapers you’re going to need once the new baby joins the mix?

Oh you look exhausted – morning sickness sticking around?

(Referring to baby #1) Bless her heart, she’s not going to know what to do when she doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

Oh so exciting, you’ll have one girl and one boy! So you’re done, right?

Why 3 kids? That’s so outnumbered. You can’t sit in a booth anymore and how do you even book a hotel room?

(With a pitiful look) Are you going to get to stay home with this one? Or will you have to work like you did with your first?

2 thoughts on “things you should never say to a woman pregnant with baby #2 (or 3, or 4)

  1. Tonight at Bible study, an older gentleman said Hello, Mrs. Round. I am currently 27 weeks with baby #3.

    With Baby #1, an elder’s wife shouted across the parking lot to my husband, “Hey Eddie do you make it a habit of hauling fat women around?!”

    Baby #2…
    My husband’s granddad called me fatso, as I walked in the door.

    These are just some of the more memorable comments. :-/

    You look beautiful, Katie! Congratulations!

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