Motherhood Update: Annie at TWO

And just like that Annie is TWO. True to our family’s fashion, we’ve been celebrating all week, starting with a Labor Day party inspired by her favorite things (pizza at Rock and Dough, homemade funfetti cake and plenty of Daniel Tiger) with family, followed by a park day and visits from several friends. I have no idea how she went from this tiny baby to a walking, talking, confident darling of a girl in what feels like a blink of an eye – I may have cried, twice – but I praise God for His faithfulness and for the joy that she is. We’re so lucky to have such a happy, healthy girl and I can’t wait to see the wonderful things this year will bring.

Motherhood Update: Annie at TWO

She’s happiest when: She’s outside, eating, in the pool or bathtub, playing mama to her baby dolls, and surrounded by family and friends.

Things she says: She talks ALL THE TIME but amazes us how she really listens to others and comprehends (and remembers) so much. Some favorite things she says include: Yummy in my tummy, in mommy’s tummy (when asked where her baby brother is), God Food Mama Dada Baby Amen (her go-to prayer), and saying everybody and everything is so cute.

Sweetest thing she does: Our bedtime routine has stayed consistent – two books with Dada, prayer, song (that she now sings along with), then bed – but lately as we walk out of the room she lifts her head to say “Night night, Mama Dada, love you!” We melt every time.

Most frustrating new thing she does: Everything is “MINE!”

Her favorite foods: We are so thankful she’s not too terribly picky and will try anything. Bananas, yogurt, apples and ketchup are her go-tos.

Her favorite songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Roll the Gospel Chariot and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Mama’s baby or Daddy’s girl? She prefers each of us at different times, like our favorite time together is in the morning when we eat breakfast on the couch and snuggle. She and Taylor have a little nightly routine of once it starts to get dark they go outside and look for the moon. Annie then comes in and reports to me, either “Moon, shine” or “Moon, clouds, night night.”

Fearless: This summer she became a little fish, swimming all over the pool, jumping off the side without fear and floating on her back like a pro. She may still be leary of the swing at the playground but she owns the pool.

Latest obsession(s): Baby Bop from Barney – Mom showed her old episodes via Amazon Prime Video and now she is hooked. Also, counting – although she likes to skip the number one all together, with 2-5-6 being her favorites.

Favorite part of this age: She is such a good little communicator and is constantly saying something new and wow-ing us with a new skill. It sounds like such a cliche parent-type thing to say, but at each new stage of her life I want to freeze time but then am so excited for what’s next, since seeing her little personality blossom is just so rewarding.


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