the best kind of date night

Taylor and I are pretty serious about setting aside a date night each week, and barring sickness or travel, we keep that commitment to each other. We need that time to put our phones away, turn off work and parent-mode, talk and simply be together…it’s nice to eat our food while it’s hot, too. Can I get an amen, parents of toddlers?

These past couple of weeks were so busy and we started to feel like passing ships in the night – which always makes us feel pretty blah – so Monday night we put Annie to bed early and took ourselves out to our backyard. Taylor made a nice fire in the fire pit (thank you, Tennessee tease of fall) and I brought out the necessary ingredients to make classic s’mores. As the sun begin to set, we sat by the fire together and talked and roasted marshmallows and belly laughed and talked some more. There was something about getting outside that opened us right up, and we had some of the best conversations we’d had in days. It was such a simple date with basically zero planning (not to mention free) and we both went to bed that night feeling refreshed and closer than ever. We challenged each other to keep on having these “ordinary” date nights every chance we can get and above all, to always make time for each other.

What’s your favorite kind of date night? I’d love to hear.

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