pregnancy update: 28 weeks

It’s hard to believe I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy, a few days into my third and final trimester with baby boy. I’ve heard so many mamas share the sentiment but time seems to stand still and fly by at lightening speed all at the same time when you’re expecting. Also it’s official: pregnancy brain has taken over and the struggle is real. It started towards the middle of September, but I am fully committed to it now and every conversation I have with another person turns into a game of 20 questions. But, his sweet baby kicks and Annie constantly wanting to “love on baby Ollie” (see picture) make every day so sweet.

Baby’s size: Eggplant

I’m feeling: I’m feeling pretty calm and energetic most days, even thought some pregnancy insomnia started last week which has been a struggle, but a manageable one. I’ve been more emotional lately, mainly when I see a sappy commercial or when I think about Annie going from the baby to the big sister.

Food love: Anything Italian, gummy candies, Sonic ice, and still, french fries.

Currently wearing: Per usual, I’m living in leggings while also busting out more fun stretchy dresses and this insanely comfy jumpsuit to sport the bump.

Pros of October: Renewed energy (until about 9pm), the promise of fall weather coming soon which means I can walk outside and not overheat in five minutes and all the fun Halloween festivities.

Cons of October: Having to go to the bathroom all.the.time. and sometimes being short of breath.

Looking forward to: All things Halloween – deciding on Annie’s costume, finding a fun couples costume for me and Tay, and eating all the candy.

Dream life: My dreams are so vivid when I’m pregnant and these past few weeks I’ve had some wild ones – everything from being on a school trip in high school to being the lead in a musical and forgetting all my lines.

Favorite scripture at the moment: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” – James 1:17

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