the devotional I keep coming back to

I’ve always been a big fan of devotional books and have loved studying the Bible alongside different ones in different seasons of my life – from high school to college to single life then to becoming a wife and mama. While many have stood out, there is one that I keep coming back to time and time again. A friend of mine had read it and LOVED it so she then gifted it to me when I was pregnant with Annie. I devoured it in a few weeks and have re-read it several times since.

The devotional is titled Famous in Heaven and at Home and written by Michelle Myers, founder of SheWorksHisWay that has an incredible free devotional app created for working women. It’s essentially a deep-dive into Proverbs 31, one of my favorite passages in all of Scripture, but is so much more than a textual study. Michelle does a beautiful job of dispelling any myths of how Christian women need to be perfect or have all their stuff together. God created us for a unique purpose and to do extraordinary things through Him. The book includes short writing prompts at the end of each mini-chapter and they were so beneficial in helping me digest and process what I had just read and studied.

I highly recommend this book for women at any stage of life and bonus: each chapter is short so it’s perfect if you only have short pockets of time each day to devote to a study. Each time I’ve studied through this devotional I am reminded of my purpose as a woman/wife/mama/friend and how I am enough in God’s eyes – and equipped for all the things.

Do you have a favorite devotional book that you keep coming back to time and time again?

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