girl, you can do hard things

Annie is in such a fun stage right now and I routinely find myself praying for God to please freeze time because she’s all over the place and saying the most hilarious things. She’s also a tad dramatic which I’m not sure where she got that from? Anywho, the other day she was playing with her toy baby carrier, attempting to unhook the tray so she could get her baby out and “woove her.” She always surprises us with how patient and careful she is, so I watched as she tried a few different options to get the baby out without removing the tray, all of which were unsuccessful. Then she moved on to the pesky tray and again, couldn’t seem to unhook it. The frustration started to set in. She turned to me, let out a big sigh and said “Mama, it hard.”

I asked if she wanted me to help her and she said “Pwease.”

I reached over and removed the tray so she was able to grab her baby. She gave me the biggest smile and exclaimed, “We did it, mama!”

Crisis averted and my heart melted.

As she sat in my lap, showering her doll with kisses, I talked to her about doing hard things. I told her she did the right thing in asking for my help and together, we did the hard thing. I like to think her growing two-year-old brain understood some of that little life lesson but like so often, God spoke to me in that parenting, Full House-teachable moment, by reminding me of this verse I’ve known since I was little.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Paul faced so many hardships as he served the Lord and yet, he found the secret to being content in these struggles. He learned that with God’s help he was able to find the strength needed to do the hard things.

Sure, Annie’s hard things currently involve baby dolls and not being able to climb up on the chair like she wants to but one day she’ll face grown-up challenges like we all do. We struggle with maintaining relationships, our work, our health, our finances and how to balance it all. Sometimes we wrestle with expectations, fear, and doubt. God often gives us some not-so-fun assignments as we strive to be lights in a dark world, BUT He does not leave us on our own. He walks beside us, dwells in us and helps us every step of the way.

Girl, you can do hard things.

You can complete the difficult tasks God gives you. You can walk through a tough season and emerge on the other side looking more like Jesus.

Not because you’re awesome, but because your Heavenly Father is.

Not because you’re strong, but because He gives you strength.

You can do hard things because the Lord is strong, and He is with you.

2 thoughts on “girl, you can do hard things

  1. I enjoyed reading this so much, you are so good with words, Katie & that must mean God is with you. Your a good mom & you have a child that everyone loves. It’s hard to love a smart mouth, sassy kid, but everyone loves a child that has been taught from early on to love & respect others. Keep up the good work!

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