you might be in your third trimester if

You survive the first-trimester nausea, you soak in the gloriousness that is the second trimester, and then BOOM you are in your third trimester. Everything gets REAL and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re nesting! And eating all the things! And you’re just weeks away from meeting your baby! Ah, the bliss. However as exciting as this time is, the third trimester comes with its own mess of symptoms and challenges that you definitely won’t read about in What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

I’m a couple weeks – or days? – from meeting our baby boy and I will say I’m getting to the point where I am more than ready to be able to say BUH BYE to this trimester, to sleep on my back again and go a half hour without having to pee.

So without further adieu, you might be in your third trimester if….

People watch you like a ticking time bomb

If you drop something on the floor you leave it there

Those cute maternity clothes don’t really fit anymore and you’re now rotating the same 2-3 outfits that still do

You wake up 4-45 times per night – to pee, to walk off a leg cramp, to roll yourself over

You fall asleep at your desk, sitting up, at 1pm

You’re told one of the following every time you’re in public “You sure they didn’t get your due date wrong?” “Oh honey you look exhausted!” “You hang in there, you!”

Your heat stays on 65 so your toddler and husband are permanelty clothed in layers of flannel

Every move you make comes with a sound effect

You not so jokingly say to your husband “You did this to me”

You wonder if you’ll be able to be truly comfortable ever again

You get a little winded from taking a shower

Your OB’s office becomes a second home

You stop looking at the scale at your weekly appointments because you know that number is only getting bigger and vow to hit up Pure Barre once the doctor clears you for exercise post-baby but then on the way home from your said OB appt you order a large fry from McDonald’s

Parts of your body that you never even knew existed hurt

You have zero patience for well, anything

On a whim, you decide to deep clean your entire refrigerator at 10pm

You’re equally excited and terrified for the next chapter to begin

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