baby love – newborn photoshoot faves

Last night as I fed Ollie in bed before passing out – to later wake up for his 3:30am “snack” – I looked at Taylor and said, “I still can’t believe we have a son.” It’s so surreal that he’s here and our’s. I had the same feeling when Annie was a newborn and honestly, there are still moments I look at her in pure amazement that God chose us to be her parents. And now, their parents.

I’m so thankful they love each other, as much as a toddler and newborn can, and watching them together melts me. We’re still working with Annie on the fact that she is the big sister and he’s her baby brother – not the other way around as she likes to say – and helping her “nuggle” with him on the couch gently. This season is sweet, loud and messy – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The fabulous Janet Wylie of Works By Wylie came over when Ollie was almost two weeks old and captured our family perfectly in pictures we’ll cherish forever. We had so much fun and Annie got “Chick-Yay” afterwards as bribed promised because she was such a good girl. Shock: She was a complete HAM whenever the camera was pointed her way. I’m sharing a few of my favorites and thanking God for the incredible blessing of my little family.

*I cannot recommend Janet enough – she’s patient, professional and is a mama herself so she gets all the things.

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