a clean kitchen won’t get me into heaven

Anybody else have a sink full of dirty dishes on this Monday? Whew the weekend was FULL and the last thing I wanted to do were the dishes before bed last night but today, as I was getting my lunch together in between work calls, there they were. Staring me down. I felt the need to clean. To hurry up and get the dishwasher loaded and unloaded while I have a few free minutes. To wipe down the counters because they could use it.

But then I saw my Bible and She Reads Truth study book sitting there. I hadn’t gotten to my Bible study in a few days and that’s when it hit me – a clean kitchen won’t get me into heaven.

Don’t get me wrong, a clean kitchen is a beautiful thing and something I prefer to have but God isn’t impressed by that. He doesn’t ask or expect me to have a pristine home or perfectly dressed children or meals made from scratch every night or even clean hair.

He wants my time.

He wants to hear from me.

He wants me to be in the Word to discover more about His great love so I can go share that love with those around me.

I need my quiet time each day – which these days it’s short and fought for #momlife – to give God the time to work on my heart and help me see things through His eyes. To remind me of my calling and purpose while on this earth and to keep me joyful no matter my circumstances. So today I spent 15 minutes in the Word and left the sink full of dirty dishes and I’m here to tell you, my heart is happy.

“The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” – John 6:63

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