Motherhood Update: Ollie at 6 months, Annie at 2 (almost 3)

My how time flies when you’re sleep deprived and loving every most minute having two littles. Time is so precious these days and while I wish I could pause it or get more of it, we keep rolling at what feels like lightening speed. There are many things I did for Annie and just haven’t felt compelled to do for Ollie – I’m looking at you, weird Father’s Day painted foot craft – but these updates are something I decided before he was born I would try my best to make happen. Ollie is changing so rapidly and he and Annie’s sibling bond is already the most precious. While I am happy to forget the blow-outs and toddler meltdowns, I do want to remember the wonderful, messy details forever.

Motherhood Update: 

Ollie at 6 months

Eating: Milk, milk and more milk. Some days he eats so much I honestly have no idea where he puts it. We have also started introducing food as he seems interested – he’s a fan of pureed carrots, sweet potatoes and pears. He is 100% not a fan of watermelon and I have witnesses to his disgust. We’ll try that one again later.

Sleeping: He was a champion sleeper since we brought him home but something about hitting 5 months caused him to wake up 2-3 times a night to play/giggle/demand to eat. We had to use some of our cry-it-out tricks with him – this mama needs to sleep – and since then it’s been back to sleeping like a champ. The tricky part now is keeping Annie from waking him up when she wakes up.

Doing: He is doing all the things and all at once it seems like. Rolling, sitting up, attempting to crawl, putting his toes in his mouth, and talking and laughing all.the.time. He loves to be in the pool and bathtub, and is convinced he’s swimming solo in both bodies of water. His favorite entertainment is watching Annie and he loves being sung to. I have a feeling he’ll be crawling soon and walking not long after, so I’m enjoying this short window where he isn’t so mobile just yet.

Saying: His first word? Dada, just like his sister. He talks constantly and every other word is Dada, but it melts us most when he turns to Taylor and says it. He finally said Mama a couple weeks ago and I might have cried a little bit. Annie is convinced his next word will be her name but I have a sneaky suspicion it’ll be EAT.

Sweetest thing he does: I love how he watches you until you smile at him and then his whole face lights up in the biggest smile, usually accompanied with a giggle or two.

Favorite part of this age: It’s incredible to watch him discover everything for the first time and even more incredible to see how much he adores his big sister. They are seriously obsessed with each other and I cannot get enough of watching them hug, kiss and “play.”

Ollie at 6 months, is, in one word: Jolly

Annie at 2 years old (3 next month, insert sobs) 

Favorite foods: She’s always been a good eater and continues to be pretty adventurous, especially if it’s on my plate. Yogurt, eggs, pb&j, and any fruit are her faves. Mexican is her favorite and every Sunday after church she requests “Tales” for local favorite, Los Portales.

She’s constantly: Talking, singing and performing – not sure where she got that from. She is also very into her role of big sister and is such a big helper when it comes to Ollie, whether it’s calming him down when he’s fussy for a minute (she sings “Jesus Loves Me” to him and he’s instantly happy) or getting a diaper and wipes for me.

Currently loving: Swimming, reading and being read to, writing, anything involving “Dis-a-nee” princesses, Mary Poppins, playing outside, flowers, tutus, singing, the park, cooking in her play kitchen, going to church and taking care of her little brother.

Biggest transition in the past few months: We moved her into a big girl bed a few months back as a reward for doing so great with potty training so we worked a 2-for-1 there. She loves her bed and the only challenge we face there is the occasional early wake up, but I don’t mind that too much because she sneaks into bud and “nuggles.”

Biggest transition coming up: She’ll be going to a mother’s day out program three days a week starting later this month and she is beyond excited. She already has her dress picked out and has told me several times she is so excited to paint and color.

Hardest part of this age: She is growing into such an independent and outspoken little lady which we love BUT that comes with its own set of challenges. She wants to do everything herself, from brushing her teeth, to dressing herself, to not wanting to hold a hand in the parking lot. She has so many opinions and so we’re working on teaching her how to express those but also be kind and wait her turn. Her new thing is she’ll say/yell “I want to talk now, please” so we’re working on taking turns and letting other people talk.

Last thing she got upset about: Ah, the unpredictable toddler meltdowns! This morning she cried because I brushed her hair and there were “tickles” also known as tangles.

Funniest things she says: Her newest thing is she’ll get real serious and say “Now here’s the thing” and then tell you all about whatever it is she wants you to know about with the most intense gaze. I love that she calls gummies “nummies” and that she says she can have coffee and earrings when she’s older. She is truly our resident comedian and is always wanting to make everyone laugh, and usually is.

Proud Mama moment: Truthfully there have been so many lately but one that sticks out was when she woke up from her nap and wasn’t feeling too good. She was crying and so naturally I worried she might be sick but then realized she likely needed to use the bathroom. Once she did she felt much better and was so excited. She gave me a big hug and then as she was walking to the kitchen for her snack she looked up and said “Oh thank you, God, for making me feel all better. I love you!” I melted and thanked God myself for entrusting me with such a light.

Annie at 2 years old, in one word, is: Joyful

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