I won’t always…

I won’t always…

find tiny socks in my sheets every night I fall into bed

be a human jungle gym, burp cloth and trash can

reheat my coffee five times and still manage to not drink it while its hot

have an audience while I pee

take lightening fast showers and hear phantom baby cries the whole time

have arms that ache after carrying around my baby

need to cancel plans with friends to snuggle with my babies who don’t feel great

nurse a baby back to sleep after a 3:30am wake up

have to share everything I eat

be serenaded with “Let It Go” multiple times a day

hide out in the kitchen pantry to enjoy a cookie in peace

schedule everything around nap times

read the same book over and over and over

hear “Mama” every 30 seconds from a sassy toddler

have a house littered with toys and Puffs

I won’t always be so needed by my two darling babies and I won’t always be their entire world so for now, I’m soaking in the good, the bad and the silly with the littles who have my whole heart. Always.

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