Let her sleep in – and other ways to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and unlike most years, there are no cutesy crafts your little darlings will be making at school to gift mama on the big day. Running out to a store last minute is a little more doable but still comes with its own restrictions and masks thanks to our nemesis, COVID-19. In some areas, you may be able to go to lunch at her favorite restaurant but then you need to worry about coordinating childcare and wondering if it’s too soon to be out and about.

In short, celebrating Mom will look a little different this year but husbands/fathers/children/grandfathers, hear me when I say this – SHE NEEDS A BREAK. She is exhausted and most likely nearing the end of her rope after trying to keep all the plates spinning and everyone somewhat sane and happy these last two months. She deserves an all-inclusive girls trip to somewhere tropical and free Chick-Fil-A for life but what does she need? To feel adored. Pampered. Rested. Cared for. So forget the last-minute Amazon orders that probably won’t make it on time anyways – here is a short list of some ways to celebrate her that will make her feel like the QUEEN that she is. You’re welcome.

Let her sleep in

Serve her breakfast in bed

Fold the laundry

Put the laundry away

Let her eat her food while it’s still hot

Have flowers delivered from a local florist – supporting small business + fresh flowers = WIN

Take over snack duty – warn your kids they will get no snacks from her for the entire day

Give her some alone time – take the kids outside and tell her to do whatever she wants to do, which will likely be a long shower in peace or listening to her audiobook – just me? No?

Have the kids draw her a picture and call it a card​ – she’ll treasure that way more than a $4 Hallmark creation

Let her pick the movie

Thank her using all the words – shower her with gratitude for all that she does because we ladies love being appreciated either by writing a letter or saying them to her on the rare instance the house is quiet

P.S. Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY. Make it happen. You got this.

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