Desperately Seeking Attention: Guys Who Love Checking In, Taking Selfies and Yes, Poking.

Charming personality, winning sense of humor, spontaneous, and attractive in a Jon Hamm way but doesn't know it – these are my must-haves in a potential boyfriend. Not that I'm the Yoda of dating and modern relationships but I have dated the whole gamut in my 26 years, i.e. A preacher's son, an atheist, Satan [...]

All I’m Saying Is, Put Down Your iPhone. You Deserve a Real Date.

I grew up watching black and white romantic classics with my grandmother – think Roman Holiday and From Here to Eternity. While this did solidify my obsession with Audrey Hepburn and teach me the value of a perfectly tailored dress, it also left me with unbelievably high expectations of meeting someone new and subsequently, the [...]

Don’t Speak.

Without further adieu, the list of topics I don't care to discuss with you, especially before noon. Sorry but I'm not sorry. Red 40how your thighs look in jeansyour baby's illness and subsequent doctor's visit that went wrongyour secret Pinterest board(s)my Facebookyour Facebookyour ex with a very biblical nameJustin Bieberthe Christian Music industryheadbands Happy Wednesday,Bxoxo

"chicken’s aren’t gay, " kenna says.

This is Kenna. Kenna has loved Chick Fil A since she was a wee one, but today's hysteria has caused her much distress. She has begun to rethink everything she has ever known about chicken, and social media in general. Why did the chicken cross the road? Was it in fact wearing a glitter tank? Below are [...]