Dear B: To Bareleg?

Dear B,Since Easter's over and we're all springing into April, is it acceptable to lose the tights and go bare leg? My legs are super pale but I'm thinking it's now or never, right? HELP.Lylas,XXXXXXDear Barbara Walters,With Easter came many a fashion tragedy, and while I tried to focus on the good book at Sunday [...]

Passing the Bar.

Saturday night I went for drinks with some of my favorite girls. A rarity in many cases since we’re usually too busy being with boring people or out of town; neither an excuse but both valid cases. We found a table in the middle of it all and started gushing about recent love affairs, how [...]

Silhouettes are everything.

There are shows on tv that are awesome, and then there's Honey Boo Boo. I refuse to get into that for fear of losing you forever - you're welcome. So while I rarely have the time or attention span to watch anything for longer than 30-ish minutes I have found myself falling back in love with Mad Men. Why? [...]