Trick’s Got Treats.

I have always loved Halloween, mainly because I welcome any excuse to tease the hair and wear some sort of festively creative get-up, typically involving glitter and lash extensions. The candy consumption and staggeringly high number of girls and boys in some sort of lycra bodysuit are enough to scare me into early menopause, but still, I [...]

Jack Goes to Jackson.

Last night Jack played in my hometown, in the same establishment where I grew up performing - dance recitals, talent shows and really gay musicals. So yes, it was a bit strange seeing everybody backstage as they were, laying around listening to Buck Owens before rocking the hell out of the place - and rock [...]

love is interrupted, jack says.

Jack White. It's no secret that I suffer from a mild case of severe admiration for the man. He plays the best guitar and manages to turn out excellent music with each band that he cultivates. He's mysterious enough to keep people (and the press) curious while leading a pretty simple life, which includes being [...]