Don’t Speak.

Without further adieu, the list of topics I don't care to discuss with you, especially before noon. Sorry but I'm not sorry. Red 40how your thighs look in jeansyour baby's illness and subsequent doctor's visit that went wrongyour secret Pinterest board(s)my Facebookyour Facebookyour ex with a very biblical nameJustin Bieberthe Christian Music industryheadbands Happy Wednesday,Bxoxo

I Can’t.

In preparation of days set aside for gorging ourselves on complex sugars and carbohydrates, hiding from awkward family members and remembering what we're thankful for, I would like to celebrate items I just can't get on board with. Tay Tay Swift singing liveInsta-relationships Justin Bieber and people caring about him in generalWork emails sent before 8 amChanning Tatum ***Hello, Sexiest Man [...]