Perfect Together

Perfect Together

We've lived a lot of life in the three years we've been married. Some can be counted: 4 houses. 4 jobs. 3 towns. 2 years of grad school. 1 dog. 1 baby. Some cannot: Countless date nights. Countless trips. Countless meals cooked together in our kitchen. Several heated arguments and cry sessions (me). Many prayers prayed together. Several dreams realized. [...]

Married Life: A letter to my husband after we’ve had a baby

To my husband after we've had a baby, It was impossible for us to know what any of this would be like, this new season. We went into labor and delivery rookies, relying on our childbirth classes and Google for our limited knowledge. You calmed my nerves and held my hand through every contraction. You prayed us through [...]

The Newlywed Life: My Favorite Night of the Week

Being married is awesome for many reasons. In my top 10 would have to be it's basically a permanent sleepover with your best friend - sharing a sink would not be in my top ten, let the record show. Besides the unconditional love and live-in sounding board factor, it's nice to have someone share the not-always-exciting-and-glamourous [...]