Dear B: Naughty or Nice?

Dear B,My frienenemy wants to know if she'll get presents this year for Christmas or actual coal. I told her I wouldn't tell anybody but since my therapist is already on vacay and you're basically the Bible I feel okay getting your advice. She's had two borderline-crazy boyfriends, an ex fiance and made out with [...]

B’s Guide to Holiday Parties.

Ah, holiday season is here again: the time of perpetual joy and too many parties thrown to celebrate sugar sweats and an obese, albiet lovable, hologram with a white beard. Now I love Christmas, so much in fact that I have committed to an exhausting number of holiday get-togethers, and yes, my chiropractor is concerned. [...]

Friday Prayers with B.

Well lovelies it's almost the weekend. A time for seeing (or not) seeing friends, getting into some shenanigans and staying up too late because you CAN. So before we start the freedom countdown, let's stop and think of those less fortunate with far more troubles. Today we pray for the following...Lindsay Lohan, who is now literally [...]

Real talk.

Last week I turned 26. A big milestone, if you're into that sort of thing. Age is terrifying, yes, fine, I agree. What's even more terrifying is the unnatural tradition of celebrating our inevitable loss of youth with toxic dyes and carbs, but I do love social gatherings. My friends proved to not only be pretty [...]