Lean Into the Present

Remember how you felt as a senior in college when you you were "so over" everything and just counting down the days until you graduated? Because come on, you were ready for real life! Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday - sitting around with my best friends counting down the days until we were [...]

5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood In 2 Minutes (or less)

Experts and moms alike preach that we won't find happiness in a paycheck or stuff in general. Revolutionary, huh? I consider myself a happy, joy-filled woman but I am human so there are times when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and in need of a serious attitude adjustment. So next time you need [...]

Hello, 2015

I realize I'm a little late to the "new year, new you" blog post train but in my defense, I've had a lot (of pretty exciting stuff!!!) going on. In the past month I've moved to a different state, MARRIED the most amazing man, Christmas-ed/recovered from said wedding with the family, spent eight glorious days [...]