Six Things

[ Buddy's first bath. ] Hello and a very happy Monday to you! Most of us are enjoying time at home and not at the office thanks to today being a national holiday. I remember in sixth grade being assigned a portion of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech to recite in front of the class "just [...]

Hello, 2015

I realize I'm a little late to the "new year, new you" blog post train but in my defense, I've had a lot (of pretty exciting stuff!!!) going on. In the past month I've moved to a different state, MARRIED the most amazing man, Christmas-ed/recovered from said wedding with the family, spent eight glorious days [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. Not a morning person? Here are 8 things happy people do every morning. ( 2. I love a good holiday duet and this one is spot on. ( 3. How to survive Thanksgiving (in gifs). ( 4. Cozy outfit inspiration as the temperatures continue to drop. ( 5. Ideas for giving back this season, [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. Winter is coming - let's keep our skin glowing, shall we? ( 2. This is a must have for the next party I throw. ( 3. 5 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship. ( 4. Try not to break into a serious smile after watching this. ( 5. Ever wondered what Disney Princesses would [...]