Links I’m Loving

This couple traveled to 177 countries in 26 years - talk about goals. ( Stop pretending to be so perfect, written by my friend Andrea Lucado. ( These photos of dogs eating peanut butter is sure to brighten your day. ( Target hacks to try ASAP - so much genius. ( Thirty-nine ways to close an [...]

Six Things

[ We take the most important meal of the day pretty seriously ] This past week was BUSY - settling into a new place in a new state while starting a new job is a lot but I'm loving every minute of everything. Our new puppy sleeps through the night and has yet to chew up [...]

another morning, another missed connection.

Starbucks. The prime location for me to run into anyone and everyone before I've had enough caffeine for my eyes to fully open. Typically I run into ex-boyfriends, their ex-girlfriends, former employers, my friends' former employers and a couple times, Keith Urban. Other times, I make a new friend while in line and this morning, [...]