Links I’m Loving

This couple traveled to 177 countries in 26 years - talk about goals. ( Stop pretending to be so perfect, written by my friend Andrea Lucado. ( These photos of dogs eating peanut butter is sure to brighten your day. ( Target hacks to try ASAP - so much genius. ( Thirty-nine ways to close an [...]

Six Things

[ Buddy's first bath. ] Hello and a very happy Monday to you! Most of us are enjoying time at home and not at the office thanks to today being a national holiday. I remember in sixth grade being assigned a portion of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech to recite in front of the class "just [...]

10 Conversation Starters That Have Nothing To Do With the Big E

I am so over all the ebola hysteria. Everyone, from medical professionals to Matt Lauer is harping on the subject and while I know the topic should be taken seriously, the general public needs to find something else to talk about. Please. ANYTHING! For those of you drawing a blank, I compiled a working list of acceptable topics to get the [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. Gear up for the return of college football by meeting the wives of SEC coaches. ( 2. Transition into fall with boyfriend jeans and a bright lip. ( 3. Glean that bridal knowledge and learn from the 50 mistakes brides always make. ( 4. I'm on a spending freeze but maybe you aren't and want [...]