Fall To-Do List

Today I bought a massive white pumpkin at the Farmer's Market (that looks killer on our front porch) and while there may be plenty of green still on the trees, our yard is already half-covered in gorgeous leaves that completely freak Buddy out when they fall in front of his face. You know what all that means? [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. How adorable is Lauren Conrad's (homemade) halloween costume? Makes me want to be a mermaid now! (laurenconrad.com) 2. Harry Potter rapping is proof that magic does exist. (huffingtonpost.com) 3. Ladies, it's high time we start supporting each other at work, okay? (hellogiggles.com) 4. There's plenty of inspiration in this list of best celebrity Halloween costumes. [...]

10 Conversation Starters That Have Nothing To Do With the Big E

I am so over all the ebola hysteria. Everyone, from medical professionals to Matt Lauer is harping on the subject and while I know the topic should be taken seriously, the general public needs to find something else to talk about. Please. ANYTHING! For those of you drawing a blank, I compiled a working list of acceptable topics to get the [...]