Links I’m Loving

1. I have always loved Will Ferrell but this has kept me laughing all week. ( 2. From Clueless to Mean Girls to Bring It On, these bedrooms from classic movies defined our teenage years. Who didn't want Cher's closet? ( 3. Needing some Valentine's Day inspiration? Here's a fun DIY that's perfect for all [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. My grandmother and I would watch Gone With The Wind over and over - thanks, Garden & Gun for taking us behind the scenes in honor of its 75th anniversary! ( 2. Did you know you can make your own fruit snacks using just four (all natural, I might add) ingredients? I can't wait to grab the [...]

4th To-Do List

Sleep In - No work means more Z's Brunch - Because I clearly won't be up for breakfast, nor will my friends Walk around/Shop - Is there anything more American? Hot Chicken Festival in East Nashville - I'm 100% in it for the promise of Retro Snow Pool - Yes, I need more freckles Nap [...]

LA Fun Times.

So I went to LA over the holiday weekend and fun times were had by all. We stayed at this adorable little house that I'm sure is worth more than I'll ever make in the heart of West Hollywood where coffee was had on the sunny (zero humidity) patio each morning. There was a healthy amount [...]