Links I’m Loving

1. 25 ways to savor Spring - I recommend observing #7 every day. ( 2. What to do when you feel overwhelmed. ( 3. Gear up for wedding season by thinking about that wedding speech now. ( 4. Remember when we used to eat Chipotle because we thought it was a healthy choice? Now it really is! ( 5. [...]

Six Things

[ We found a local shop that tailors on the spot - genius ] This past week was all about celebrating Taylor! His birthday was Friday so we did all of his favorite things: got fitted for a Spring suit at a local suit shop (with the sweetest tailors), had an amazing dinner at this [...]

Spring Awakening

Last weekend I was with some girlfriends catching up and watching Kentucky beat Wisconsin (by one point) while eating "dinner" (waffle fries with cheese - no shame.) We talked about the usual topics of discussion: boys, work, where we've been traveling for work, how we all want to take a vacation ASAP from said work, church, food, and [...]