Asheville, NC

I recently traveled to Asheville with one of my dearest friends that's more like a sister for a girls' getaway over the long Memorial Day weekend. Even though the trip was relatively quick, we packed a lot of fun in, thanks to some amazing recommendations from friends. We stayed in the sweetest Bed & Breakfast and [...]

Links I’m Loving

Can't decide what you should read next? Let this guy pick for you ( The life-changing magic of tidying up - the one tip you need to hear ( Attention Gilmore Girls fans - 13 important cooking lessons from Sookie (real The 20 best small towns to visit this year ( "The Father of [...]

Links I’m Loving

This couple traveled to 177 countries in 26 years - talk about goals. ( Stop pretending to be so perfect, written by my friend Andrea Lucado. ( These photos of dogs eating peanut butter is sure to brighten your day. ( Target hacks to try ASAP - so much genius. ( Thirty-nine ways to close an [...]

Fave Five

[ Lunch at Torchy's with Emma Grace ] We were in Houston all week visiting Taylor's family and more specifically, hanging out with our newest niece, Emma Grace. Little Emma is oh so sweet and loves morning cuddles, pointing her finger while saying "no no" and eating copious amounts of ice. The week was filled to [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. The science of why you should spend your money on experiences, not things. ( 2. Secrets from the royal kitchen, including the fact that Princess Kate cooks - could I adore her anymore? ( 3. Gorgeous watercolor cookies sure to wow any crowd. ( 4. Adorable photos of babies swimming underwater, just because it [...]