Fave Five

[ The most gorgeous Friday morning view ] This week has been pretty busy so I'm beyond thankful for this lazy Saturday. Our only plans include a round of golf for Taylor and an afternoon manicure for me. It's so nice to have a morning to drink coffee and stay in our pj's when usually we're running [...]

Ten Things

[ So much excitement over the new floors] This past week was a little nutty, with both of us busy at work and the floors being installed at the house so we were more than ready for the weekend! Our weekend was busy but full of fun, just as it should be. Friday night Taylor [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. I will definitely be making these for brunch very soon. (biscuitsandsuch.com) 2. The reason why I'll be watching the Emmy's this fall. (newyorktimes.com) 3. 15 foods you should never eat. Ever. (cosmopolitan.com) 4. Who knew Air Force One had all these features. Also, did anyone ever see that 90's movie of the same name [...]