Never Underestimate the Power of Your Girlfriends

It's hard for me to remember a time when I didn't have a best girlfriend. From running down the halls at church with my bff in kindergarten to junior high sleepovers where we stayed up painting our nails every color, I've always been a self-proclaimed girls' girl. In college my girlfriends stood beside me through [...]

Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Woman

We pregnant women constantly receive well wishes and positive remarks about the new chapter in our lives - which is incredible, thank you - but unfortunately we also find ourselves the recipients of some unflattering comments. Some real zingers. Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure these comments are not meant to be insensitive or inappropriate, [...]

Ladies, 16 Things You Never Have To Apologize For

Having an opinion There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong opinion and voicing that in a real way. Don't be scared to share what you think and remember, your opinion matters. Being ambitious Ambition is attractive and breeds productivity/creativity/good stuff in general. Own what drives you and next thing you know you'll be [...]

Links I’m Loving

51 Secrets of Adulthood I Learned In My 20s. ( Watch this sweet elderly man wait for his wife with a bouquet of flowers at the airport and try not to feel all the feels. ( Why We Should Take Fun Seriously. ( 11 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem in Less Than an Hour. ( [...]